Other places of interest

In this section I want to explain other interesting places in the city.



I have already visited other oceanariums (Sevilla, Monaco, …) and no doubt that Lisbon oceanarium is the best I have ever seen. The ticket is 16,20€.

56.  COLOMBO Shopping Center

This place is one of the biggest shopping center in Europe. It is located in the outskirts, in Benfica neighborhood, close to the soccer stadium. You will find here all kind of shops and restaurants.


This is one of the most strategic points in the city. It is a great roundabout that connects the center (through the Liberdade Avenue ) with Saldanha square and the West exit of the city. The statue of the square is in the memory of Marques de Pombal, the person in charge of the rebuild of the city after the big earthquake of 1755.



It connects Marqués de Pombal Square with the obelisk that is just before the Rossio square. This avenue has an European style, very wide, with a lot of trees and plenty of embassies, hotels and headquarters of international and national companies, also with very important and luxury shops ( Gucci, Louis Vuitton,…)



This park is dedicated to the memory of Edward VII of England who visited the city in 1902 to strengthen the relationships between England and Portugal. Due to the slope and the fact that the park is in the top, it is actually a viewpoint from where you can see the Liberdade Avenue, Marques de Pombal square and even the Tejo river. It has two interesting places inside the park, they are called the hot stove and the cold stove where there are a lot of tropical plants and from over the world. (see main picture of this section)

60. Santuario Nacional de Cristo Rey

This statue is very similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In fact, the its construction is motivated when the Cardinal of Lisbon visited Rio de Janeiro in 1934. “O Cristo Rei”, as it is popularly called, was designed by the Portuguese architect Francisco Franco de Sousa. It is the most famous atraction in Almada, apart from the beaches in Caparica Coast.

O Cristo Rei has a height of 110 m (more than 300 feet) and the statue is 28 m high, so it is one of the highest buildings in Portugal.

If you compare this statue with the one in Rio de Janeiro, located in the Tijuca National Park, the portuguese statue is 2 metres smaller.


61. 25th April Bridge 

Built between 1962 and 1966 by the US company Steel International INC (from  NY), it is one of the icons of Lisbon. It is amazingly similar with San Francisco bridge and it has this name because the popular revolution of 25th April 1974 where the democracy was restored in Portugal .

With a length of 1 Km. (0,62 miles) is one of the biggest pendant bridges of the world. It has two levels, one for the cars and the other for the train. If you enter in the city using this bridge, you will pay a toll of 1.75€ but nothing to go out of the city.