Lisbon Nightlife

Lisbon conveys the feeling of being a quiet, harmonious, slow city … but like all great capital has a busy nightlife. We will see some of the most interesting places to have a drink and enjoy a nightly atmosphere always accompanied by good music.

80. Clube Ferroviario

Next to the station of Apolonia and the disco Lux, on the banks of the Tejo, we have the Clube Ferroviario (Railway Club). It has a small lounge and the most important, a large terrace with privileged views of the river. Among its peculiarities we find that its seats are original from real trains.

And not only is it a place to party, taking advantage of the views of its terrace is a perfect place to eat, have dinner or watch the sunset accompanied by friends and a Gin&Tonic, a Beirao or a caipirinha. Booking is always a highly recommended option. Remember that it is a terrace disco so we will be accompanied by good music, including national DJs, concerts of all kinds of music and even outdoor cinema sessions.

Sometimes we will be asked to pay between € 5 and € 10 to access, which is well worth it as it is a highly recommended place. There are no strict dress rules. The prices in general are not low, but neither is any place. Terrace, DJs, live concerts, great views and good atmosphere is a combination that justifies the prices.

Open from 12.00pm to 3.00am

81. Bar Number Two (É pra poncha)

On Avenida 24 de Julho number 82, near the Plaza del Comercio and the Santos station, we find Bar Number Two. It is a place where, a few meters away from the Tejo, you can dance good music, have drinks and try some Madeira’s cocktails, of which two stand out especially:

  •  Ponchas, which is a typical Madeira drink made of cachaça or white rum, honey and lemon juice
  • Nikitas, it is a sweet drink made of beer or white wine, ice cream (usually vanilla) and  chunks of pineapple.

The number two is advisable to arrive early as it will be crowded during weekends and it may be difficult to enter beyond 1.00am. Characteristic for the arches that are above the bar and the lighting in blue and violet tones, it is also famous for the themed parties that are celebrated, such as Halloween, Carnival, Santo Antonio, … The prices of drinks range between € 5.00 and € 9.00 depending on the brand chosen.

82. A Capela

In the heart of Barrio Alto, at Atalaia 45, we find this disco bar with such a peculiar decoration: large paintings on the walls and period armchairs. It is a good place (not so tourist) to start with the first drink of the night as you can sit and chat while you listen to good music, … and from Thursday to Saturday with DJs playing dub, drum and bass. Some of them like Matias Aguayo, Monolake, Marcus Nicolai, Arttu aka Boss, Pablo Valentino, Jerry the cat have passed through there. Recommended hours between 11.00pm and 1.30am.

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83. Incógnito

Located on Rua Poiais de Sao Bento 37, about 10-15 minutes walking to the West from the Plaza de Camoes in the Barrio Alto. It is a narrow place, with little lighting where you can listen to indie music, pop of the 80’s and 90’s and any other alternative music. It is a good option to have the last drink of the night as it closes quite late and begins to set around around 1.00 am. The price of drinks ranges between € 5.00 and € 8.00.

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84. Music Box

Located in Rua Nova do Carvalho, in the area of Cais de Sodré, Music Box is perhaps one of the best venues in the city to enjoy a concert or a DJ session. You can listen to music of all kinds from experimental, noise, psychedelic rock, jazz and of course electronic music from DJs of some prestige.

85.  Bora Bora / Tangaroa Hawaian Bar

Do you want a fun, quieter and different night? Then you have to go to Bora Bora / Tangaroa. It is a bar that is worth going from time to time to find something different from the rest of the night bars. Here you will not find DJs or concerts, instead you will find peace to chat with friends while you have a drink or enjoy a hookah. When we certainly want to spend a different night. Tangaroa is a cocktail bar with a typical Pacific decoration, Hawaiian and Polynesian influences. Its walls are dominated by giant masks. Their glasses, whose prices orbit € 7.00, are quite peculiar as they are served in glasses that represent masks of the Gods and many of them literally give off smoke.

It is located very close to the Alameda metro station, on Almirante Reis street no. 194 and sometimes they give women a rose at the exit.

86. Europa

Live rock concerts, DJ sessions, …….. This place is on the same street as Music Box, on Rua Nova de Carvalho and it is a disco that will not leave you indifferent. The decoration of the place is quite archaic and even its exterior is not at all appetizing, so it may be that when you walk through your door you think what kind of place it is and decide not to enter. But in Lisbon the decoration of the continent is not at odds with the quality of the content, so if you want to listen to good electronic music you must lose your prejudices and enter as they have guest DJs every weekend highlighting their sessions of minimal and drum and bass You will not regret.

87. Bar Havana

Located in the area of the Docas (the marina) we find among many bars of drinks the bar Havana. We can have dinner Cuban food although it is more advisable to go out. Here we must be careful with the clothes since they are quite strict in the selection of the entrance. Indispensable if we want to enjoy a mojito made with a good Havana rum and listen to Cuban and Latin rhythms, salsa dancing, bachata and some reggaeton.

You can book in the website.

88. Plateau Club Lisboa

Returning to the Santos area, next to bar number two, we find one of the oldest clubs in Lisbon. Located at Escadinhas da Praia number 7, it is the typical nightclub with its ball on the ceiling where you can listen to pop rock songs from the 80s and 90s. The days of most public attendance are undoubtedly the weekends although they still have a “ladies night” during the week. Open from 11 pm to 5 am, you have to pay an entrance fee of about € 7.00 that entitles you to a drink. Once inside, the prices of drinks are high, about € 4.00 for a beer and more than € 7.00 for drinks so paying the entrance fee is not too bad.

89. Lux

In the area of Santa Apolonia, a few meters from Clube Ferroviario, we find Lux, probably the best disco in Lisbon, also with its ceiling ball, but more modern than Plateau and with more cache, since both the music and the atmosphere it breathes a certain class and style, and in it you can find famous people of Lisbon life.

And the atmosphere of Lux is pretty cool. Apart from their resident DJs playing good music, they also hold concerts with DJs and prestigious European groups. In its page you can find the billboard with the next performances. They also have an App that you can download in both iOS and Android.

If you plan to visit it, you should take special care with your clothing, as they are quite rigorous and strict with it.

As a curiosity, one of its partners is the actor John Malkovich.

34. Pavilhão Chinês

This is a museum made bar or bar converted into a museum, it has multiple halls with different decorations and collections of all kinds. Another rather kitsch place to shop around and have an excellent coffee or a good drink. Essential.