Estoril / Sintra

Sintra and Estoril are two differents but very close places. Sintra is located in a mountain, surronded by forests and fantasy palaces. Estoril is a vacational place for the mid-high class of Portugal where you will find casinos, a high speed circuit, beautiful beaches and majestic summer houses.


In Sintra you will find several palaces but I strongly recommended two: Da Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira. You will be surprised by their architecture, very different one of the other and also by the enviroment.

You also must go to Sintra town and try the “queijada” in Piriquita.

27. Palacio da Pena  

Spectacular palace located on the top of a hill. The ticket costs around € 15 although you can buy tickets combined with other places. Open almost every day of the year. The palace was designed so that it could be seen from any point of the park and it has Manueline and Moorish influences. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1995.


Walking for its vast gardens you can admire more than 500 tree species from all over the world.

28. Quinta da Regaleira     more information

Regaleira is the other side point of Da Pena. It seems that the palace has been design with the mess, the imagination and the fantasy of a genius, Carvalho Monteiro, also known as the Monteiro dos Milhoes ( because he was a very rich person), helped by the Italian architect Luigi Manini. It seems that it has been built as the sand castles we make in the beach. The buildings and the details have a relationship with Masonry, alchemy, the Templars and the Rosicrucian.

You will enjoy walking in the garden, tunnels, passageways (also a hidden entrance between the trees) and climbing the initiatory well (also called inverted tower), where you will surely be soaked.

Ticket: 6€

Open almost everyday of the year.

Piriquita in Sintra and the famous queijada. Always it is recommended to eat with a tasteful pingado coffee.


Estoril is a residential area, quiet and pleasant, connected to the capital by a train and about 25 minutes that will take you to Cais do Sodré station. Its Casino and its beautiful residential houses make it a peaceful place and full of elegance. It also includes among its fan facts a speed circuit in which F1 races were held between 1984 and 1996 and among others, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost won races.

Due to its strategic position in the Atlantic coast and its neutrality during World War II, Estoril was, not long ago, a refuge for spies, monarchical characters … In Estoril you will find a residential city with luxurious mansions of different designs and styles, an emblematic Casino where the James Bond film, “On her Majesty´s Secret Service”, was filmed in 1969, and I recommend you visit.

This is a very good option to stay (the first would be in the same capital) and visit the Lisbon area, because from Cascais or Estoril you are 25 minutes by train from the center of the Lusitanian capital.

It is the perfect place to relax, walking along its quiet streets, walking along its endless promenade that reaches to Cascais and by which you will discover coves, marinas, sea water pools and a multitude of shops and restaurants, until you reach  “Boca don Inferno”. (cover photo)

The train journey from Cascais or Estoril to Cais do Sobré, in the center of Lisbon, is along the coast, also observing the mouth of the Tejo River.


30. Cabo da Roca

The westernmost point of continental Europe.

If you have a bike and like to curve, the road to the cape is the perfect place. Lots of curves and cliffs where you can prove your expertise.


29. Casino de Estoril 

31. Boca do Inferno (foto de la portada de arriba)

Where to eat? 

32. Restaurante A Ginginha Transmontana

Place with a very weird decoration for dinner.

33. Churrasqueira do Viveiro

This is a very average bar but with an excellent meal and at a good price. Highly recommended their bolo de bolacha.