Alfama is the neighborhood of the Castle of San Jorge, the Fado, the Cathedral and the viewpoint of Santa Lucia. It´s the most picturesque and bohemian neighborhood of Lisbon. A good place to spend a morning strolling through its countless slopes or to have dinner at a restaurant listening to Fado.


Map nº25.  San Jorge Castle 

This castle is placed in a dominant position of San Jorge hill, the highest point of Alfama and from there you can see the Baixa and the Barrio Alto, the Comercio square, the bridge and the Tejo River. Before, it was known as the moorish castle due to its Islamic origins. In my opinion, the view is the best thing there, although there are a lot of viewpoints in the city that maybe are better.


Adults 8.50€ , with a 20% discount fee with Lisbon card.

Familys 18.00€


26. The cathedral of Lisbon  (Sé de Lisboa)

The entrance to the cathedral is free and you will find it halfway up the viewpoint of Santa Luzia, in the street called largo do Sé. At a glance it is not a large cathedral, although it is the oldest church in the city. Its construction began in the 12th century and has undergone many transformations, but it is the oldest church in the city.


8. Mirador de Santa Luzia 

Looking to Tejo River, it´s located in the outskirts of the ascent to the Castle of San Jorge. It is formed by a square where there is the church of Santa Luzia and the gardens of Julio de Castilho. If you climb a little more you find another lookout with a footbridge that is introduced a bit in the horizon. It is the viewpoint of the Doors of the Sun. Remember that in Portuguese, the Spanish words finished in “l” must be changed by a “u”: Portugal, Brazil or Sol should be pronounced as Portugau, Brasiu or Sou. You have a very nice kiosk to take a break while having a pingado.