Portugal, the best european country to live in

Expat Insider survey says that Portugal is the best european country to live in and the fifth in the World, in 2017.

The survey was made among people who work abroad and there are 65 countries listed. Portugal is the 5th in the World and the best in Europe.

Expat Insider belongs to  internations, a social network that helps foreign people who arrive to work abroad to know people in their same circunstancies.

There are several factors in the survey:

  • Quality of life (Portugal  first)
  • Leisure options (Portugal second)
  • Health and well being ( Portugal 5th)
  • safety and security ( Portugal 11th)
  • transport and travel  (Portugal 14th)
  • Ease of settle (Portugal 4th)
Portugal ranks 5th out of 65 countries in 2017, climbing
an impressive 23 places.

According to survey respondents, the political stability

in Portugal has vastly improved, contributing to the
strong ranking in the Safety & Security subcategory.
In this link you can find a detailed information about the survey.


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