Zé da Mouraria

Restaurante Zé da Mouraria is the perfect place to eat Portuguese homemade food  and where the alfacinhas (as people from Lisbon are known)  go to eat Bacalhau assado com grâo on Fridays.

Located next to the Martin Moniz square, specifically in the street João do Outeiro 24-26 is Zé da Mouraria (nº63 on the map). To get there you will have to walk through narrow streets on cobbled slopes, (you must walk or get off at the Martin Moniz metro station and walk no more than 5 minutes away). Upon entering the street you will identify the place by its green saloon style doors and by its typical Portuguese appearance with its walls decorated with tiles and images of the Portuguese capital.

The most famous dish, which is only served on Fridays, is the “Bacalhau assado com grâo or Bacalhau do Zé da Mouraria” consisting of a roasted cod accompanied by roasted potatoes and chickpeas (grâo).

As in all good places, it is always crowded, especially on Fridays and as almost always in Portugal, the service is somewhat slow, so you have to be patient as they will take time to bring the food not less than 20-25 minutes.

But the wait always has a reward, the quality of the food and the way that is prepared (in a traditional Portuguese way) are worth it. The prices of the dishes are around 15-20 € but they will not be hungry for a long time. For example, the Bacalhau assado com grâo ration is more than enough for two people, so you have to take it into account when ordering. Maybe for a couple it would be more than enough a dish with some entree and have an average of 1 dish for 1.5 people when we are going to order and not be carried away by the voracity of the moment.

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In addition to the bacalhau a grao, other dishes on the menu stand out, such as vitela a molho de pimenta verde (veal with green pepper sauce), arroz de pato and chocos a alinho (squid in garlic sauce and cilantro with roasted potatoes) ). Also their meats and their fish made by coal are remarkable.

To accompany these dishes we can choose Portuguese wines such as reds Embuçado, Quinta do Cabril or Monte Barbo, whites Monte Velho, Quintas dos Gaeiros or Quintela and the famous green vinho Casal García.

To finish the meal with a sweet flavor we have several sobremesas: Crema de Leite, Mouse de chocolate, Flan de pudim (con sorpresa) y folhado de ovos. All homemade and all delicious ….. and / or take a good digestive drink as Beirão, Amarginha or a Porto.

As usual, before going, always better to make a reservation.

Phone:  +351 21 886 5436

Open from Monday to Saturday from 12.00 to 16.00.

Closed on Sundays

Enjoy the mail

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